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polycaprolactone Image

Product Name Polycaprolactone,pcl,diy Material,polymorph Plastic,shape Ro
Product Category Chemicals » Biochemical Products
Product Keyword polycaprolactone
Producing Origin china
Currency Type USD FOB Price 9.9515 USD/Unit
Payment Method T/T
Minimum Order 25kg Delivery Mode
Packing Type 25kg Supply Ability 1000000kg
polycaprolactone Price: 9.9515 USD/Unit

Polycaprolactone,pcl,diy Material,polymorph Plastic,shape Ro Description » Recommend

This is not so much an instructable, but a guide on what you can do with this incredibly useful plastic for DIY projects.
The low working temperature of 60 degrees Celsius makes it as easy to work as Playdoh, when cooled to room temperature, it has similar properties as nylon, useful for tidy little bit of odd jobs you need for your projects (so long as it is not temperature sensitive). Not to mention this plastic is biodegradable!
Below are some of the ideas I had for using this plastic.
1) Rubberband Gun
2) Coat hook for the cube farm partitions
3) Single AAA battery holder
4) Some reusable chunks of polymorph plastic

Polycaprolactone elastomer Product features
Good Biocompatibility with biological cells in vivo.
Biodegrade into CO2 and H2O in 6 to 12 months in soil and water.
Good compatibility with PE, PP, ABS, AS, PC, PVAC, PVB, PVE, PA and caoutchouc.
Good solubility in aromatic compounds, ketones and polarity solvent.
High crystalline and low melting point. It’s Tg is -60°C and melting range is 60-63°C,which make the PCL flexible and can be thermoforming in low temperture, easily mouldable at just 62°C. Hardens as it cools - strong as nylon

Controllable-release drug carrier, cell and bed frame of tissue culture.
Biodegradable plastic and surgical suture.
High strength film and filiform molding material.
Modifier of impact at low temperature and plasticizer of plastics.
Medical modeling materials,industrial and art modeling materials,toy,organic colorant,adhesion agent of
thermo-autotype ink, thermal fusion tackifier.
uses for DIY and model making such as prototype mechanical parts or armatures and frames for models.
Uses for Polymorph include:
Prototype mechanical parts
Armatures/frames for models
Specialised components - e.g. motor mountings
Moulding for complete products - e.g. torches
Joining components together
Mouldings for handles & orthopaedic aids
Vacuum forming moulds