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ABS filament

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Product Name Abs Filament For Reprap 3d Printer
Product Category Chemicals » Plastic & Products
Product Keyword ABS filament
Payment Method T/T
Minimum Order 1 Delivery Mode
ABS filament Price: 15  

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Polylactic Acid (PLA) is an extremely awesome polymer for many reasons. First, its bio-friendly, as its made from corn, which is a renewable resource. Second, its biodegradable, which means it will break down in a landfill. Third, its clear in color, which makes for gorgeous crystalline prints that absolutely scream for LEDs. Last but not least, it has an extremely low shrinkage factor, which means it resists warping, even at very large print sizes.
ABS is an widely used engineering plastic, hard, good impact strength, resistant high temperature.
This PLA ABS 1.75mm Sunya filament comes as a 1kg spool or 2.5kg coil, 3.0mm comes as 2.5kg spool or 2.5kg coil, in a sealed package with desiccant.
1KG = 2.204 lbs,2.5kg=5.51lbs.
Nominal Diameter: 1.68-1.73mm, 2.9mm +- 0.1mm
Colors: Natural,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Purple,Pink,Grey,Silver,Gold,White,Black
Extrusion temperature: PLA 180-210 deg, ABS 210-240deg