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PLA filament

PLA filament Image

Product Name Reprap 3d Printer-specific Pla Filament
Product Category Chemicals » Plastic & Products
Product Keyword PLA filament
Payment Method T/T
Minimum Order 1 Delivery Mode
PLA filament Price: 15  

Reprap 3d Printer-specific Pla Filament Description » Recommend

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PLA is bio-based materials, through many customers-proven that PLA is ideal for used in 3D printer, advantages are:
(1) melting printing the smell is good, no odor of ABS smell;
(2) material stiffness, print out the model of good hardness, strength, durability as a structural element, the structure is often used DIY 3D printer structure parts, such as Mendel, Prusa, etc.;
(3) melting point lower than ABS, flow rapidly, not blocking the nozzle;
(4) PLA is transparent material, the effect of color make it bright, shiny;
(5) Our filaments through toughness of PLA to strengthen, not easily broken when bent, need to be repeated several times before bending off to facilitate the printing operation;
(6)dimensional stability, 3mm and 1.75mm standard parts tolerance is ± 0.1mm;
(7) manufacturers supply according to customers' requirements color, affordable, adequate inventory, rich colors (natural, white, green, yellow, red, blue, orange, purple, silver, gold, etc.);
(8) use of ABS plastic spool packaging, each roll is 2.5 kg or 1.5 kg, facilitate the automatic rotation when printing, PE bag package, containing desiccant.